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    Jan 26, 2012
    We're just a few months away from the start of an important event in all our lives: the bargaining of a new NEASO/NEA contract. The current contract is in effect through May 31, 2012. Bargaining may start as early as March, and preparation is underway to secure the best settlement possible.

    The Bargaining Team has been selected by the NEASO Board of Directors:
    Susan Nogan, chief spokesperson
    Nina Price
    Bill Moreno
    David Schlein
    Joel Solomon
    Dan DiJames

    This is a strong team, and you will have many opportunities in the coming weeks to show them your support.  Please wish them well and, more important, thank them for the sacrifice of time and service as they prepare to bargain during these difficult times!

    Bargaining Committee Structure
    Several committees have been formed to help prepare for bargaining. These committees will support and provide feedback to and from the Bargaining Team, and will work interactively to plan events, provide information to members, and develop research in support of bargaining. Chairpersons of the committees meet every two weeks to coordinate this work. The diagram below illustrates the relationship between the Bargaining Team and the Bargaining Committee.


    Sheala Durant
    Research/Polling: Richard Sims
    Contract Preparation: Moira Saucedo
    Support: Carmen Lopez
    Education: Barbara Frank

    How You Can Help
    • Fill out the upcoming Bargaining Goals and Priorities survey.
      The information you provide will help the Team focus efforts on negotiating the workplace issues most important to you.
    • Join one of the Bargaining Committees, particularly the Organizing Committee. 
      The Organizing Committee will plan activities for uniting around bargaining goals. Contact your shop steward to join up.
    • Attend upcoming meetings or rallies about the contract.
    • Get involved!
      Bargaining a new contract is never easy but in today’s climate of uncertainty and cutbacks it’s particularly challenging. Let's be prepared to provide mutual support and encouragement to our colleagues during Bargaining 2012. A united and active membership is the key to obtaining a good contract.
    In solidarity,
    Moira Saucedo
    Bargaining Committee Chair

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